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The Value of HDI
1. Characteristics of HDI
Job placement Service

HDI places personnel in a wide range of fields including financial, consulting, technical (scientific, medical, electronic, IT) and sales and marketing. Personnel are placed at major financial institutions, accounting firms, consulting companies and manufacturers, the majority of which are Japanese and international companies that need linguistic support and require staff that can conduct business in English as well as a variety of other languages. Depending on the needs of the client, we place personnel who possess excellent communication skills and have a high potential as a team or project leader. The majority of our staff is in their 30s; however we place experience and skilled staff ranging from their late 20s to 50s. Due to the experience and background of our staff members, the majority of the staff we place earns more than 10 million yen annually.

Dispatch Service
HDI is a foreign personnel dispatch pioneer, dispatching highly-skilled, professional foreign personnel. Our staff will proactively support the communication necessary for operating an international business. We carefully select our staff based on personality, social adaption, sense of responsibility and the necessary professional skills. To further aid our international staff, we perform practical cross-cultural and work-adjustment counseling.


2. Client Trust Based on More Than 20 Years of Experience
We at HDI do not consider size to be the primary importance. Our priority is improving the quality of our service. We also believe that our business depends upon being able to satisfy and provide mutual benefits to clients and personnel alike. The result is 20 years of continuing business in the quickly changing human-resource industry and we have gradually developed strong relationships with our established clients.
3.Sincere Service from Experienced Staff
HDI has staff members with close to 20 years of personal experience in the human resources business. Over the past 20 years, changes in the economic and social climate have resulted in changing needs and considerations of both clients and job-seekers.
HDI pledges to maintain our promise based on our human resource experience in an ever-changing environment
<Customer Satisfaction through honesty and integrity>
4. A New Start as a member of the FinanTec Group
In November 2007, HDI began a new start as a member of the FinanTec Group, an IR consulting and investment information service provider.
Since its establishment in 1998, the FinanTec Group has provided financial consulting through the promotion of investor relations consulting focused on growing companies with successful stock listings in emerging markets for a large number of listed companies.

The FinanTec Group, is a dynamic group providing “Tokyo IPO”, a service utilizing new technologies such as the internet and mobile phones to provide investment information that has become part of the infrastructure for companies, investors and the securities industry.

Through the combination of HDI’s human resource know-how and trust with the FinanTec Group’s dynamism and technology, we want to provide an unprecedented human resources consulting business and proactively contribute to an increasingly dynamic Japanese society.