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For Clients
We at HDI do not consider size to be the primary importance.
Our priority is improving the quality of our service.

We also believe that our business depends upon being able to satisfy and provide mutual benefits to clients and personnel alike. Our key business is global personnel placement and dispatch with an accurate grasp of corporate and market needs with the aim of offering valuable services providing development and utilization of personnel skills and talents, information, communication and cultural consultation. It is our strong desire to contribute to the globalization of enterprises, and of our society as a whole, by fulfilling the role of an international bridge for business, technology and culture between Japan and the rest of the world.
Sincerity and on-target consultation marks the start of our relationship with personnel and clients. We confidently place professional personnel with a rich international orientation and all of the relevant skills needed by our client companies.
More than 90% of our dispatched personnel are non-Japanese.
Our rich human resource network and global employment know-how allows us to assist you in effectively using their skills and talents to rapidly and accurately respond to the ever-changing international marketplace.